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Fertile Alchemy: Interview with Dr. Crystal Jones

When it comes to our fertility there are many options we can take to help facilitate healing. One of the options that is often overlooked is the chiropractor.

Having back issues early on in my childhood, I'm very familiar with just how amazing chiropractic work can be. I've gone to a few chiropractors throughout the years so when the time came for me to start preparing my body for conscious conception, I knew heading back to the chiropractor would probably be a great idea.

Before I began my research to find someone in my area, I wondered how exactly going to one would benefit my fertility. It wasn't long after I set the intention to find out that I was sent the perfect person to connect with and answer all my questions. In addition to being an intuitive chiropractic healer, Dr. Crystal Jones also happens to be a beautiful soul who really gets women's health. I just knew she would be the perfect person to answer my questions.

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