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"All are welcome."




You want to cultivate space that promotes being well + intellectualizing the strategy is NOT proving sustainable.

You are ready to experience this disruption to create a better culture.

You are ready to get abundantly clear so that your impact and intention are in alignment.

You are aware that the change begins as YOU.


The Invitation


You are invited into the intricate space where disruption meets clarity. Take a deep breath and engage with this moment. And this one too. Welcome the release. Let's dive in.

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Why Me....

When you hire me, you are committing to the process of disruption. In the most honest way, this is where my magic illuminates. I have a keen ability of supporting my clients with pinpointing gaps between intention and impact through strategic curiosity. I implement a lighthearted approach which creates a brave space for this inevitable shift to be sustainable. The outcome measure is the holistic well being of the people.

What folks say


Hosting a fireside chat with Dr. Jones was an extremely impactful event at Google. Dr. Jones came to speak at Google the week of George Floyd's murder. She was able to talk about the importance of mindfulness in the workplace, specifically for the black community, during a very difficult time emotionally for many of the participants.


She not only explained the benefits of mindfulness practices, meditation, and therapy for people in the black community to our group of over 50 attendees; but more importantly she left the entire group feeling refreshed and hopeful despite being in a very dark time. Participants provided feedback that the session was exactly what they needed while balancing showing up at work with navigating the racial injustices that exist in our country today.


Thank you Dr. Jones for your amazing ability to uplift and motivate an entire community. We look forward to having you back.


J. Ahoni, Google


Companies, Conferences + Conventions I've Worked With


The Village Market ATL AfroPunk Summit 21 Sisters of Yoga Essence Festival Essence Wellness House SXSW A3C Dirty South Yoga Fest Mindful Mornings The LumiSummit The Artful Convention Curly Curvy Conscious The Curly Counselor Brunch Pretty Girls Sweat Fest BLK Oasis Tour Sweat With Your Sole Conference We Hike to Heal International Women’s Day The Art of Human Connection Hillsong United Tour Outcry Tour Anomaly Tour


Disney Google Lyft Pfizer Facebook The National Urban League WeWork Adidas Black Girl In OM RCA Entertainment Vertical Activewear REI OMNoire BLK + GRN Pretty Girls Sweat Black Girls Run The Outdoor Journal Tour The Modern Apothecary

Article + Magazine Features

21 Ninety Forbes Essence Ebony Heartfulness Magazine Millennial Magazine Melanin and Sustainable Style Magazine Conscious City Guide Rolling OUT The Good Trade

Podcasts + Talks

PODCASTS Therapy For Black Girls Black Girl In Om Shaping the Shift Podcast The Mindful Rebel Podcast Sunday School TALKS State of Black Mental Health Sunday School ABC’s of Mental Health Inegrating Holistic Healing With Clinical Care Freedom By Any Means Necesary Unlocking Creative Consciousness - Listening With Intent


University of Education - Ghana Emory University Life University Depaul University


There is a significant difference between 'all are welcome' and 'this was created with you in mind'" My genius is in the latter. With almost two decades of experience as a multi-hyphenate practitioner, retired chiropractor, event/retreat activation consultant, and corporate wellness coach and consultant, the "how" of creating an atmosphere that is specifically for the intended audience is where my genius thrives.


Are you ready to dig deep and clean up the roots? Let's talk more about how we can create and execute your truest vision.


Fireside chats, corporate meditation, breath work and intentional panel discussions are my favorite way to engage with companies and their audiences. My genius is in creating experiences that ground presence as we engage the big idea of your activation.


Some of my most recent engagements have been with Google, Essence Festival, RCA Entertainment, and Facebook. Tell me more about how my genius can contribute to your company. 


Integrity is, and always has been, my number one core value. I enjoy partnering with companies that center the experiences of Black + Queer folks on a foundational level.


Tell me more about your proposal and why you are specifically seeking to work with me. 



 I am always excited to join in conversation about Black and Queer liberation, imagination and collective healing. Some of my favorite podcast appearances have been with Black Girl In Om, Therapy for Black Girls, and Shaping the Shift podcast. If you haven't already, take a listen. I am looking forward to hearing more about why you think that I am a great fit for your podcast and how this can be a mutually beneficial experience. 

Press Interviews

I believe fully in the power of storytelling. There is something special about a writer and the muse and I look forward to exploring more about being your muse. Some of my favorite interviews have been with Essence Magazine, Creative Loafing, Forbes Magazine, and Black Girl In Om.


If you haven't already, take a look at some of my past interviews here.

Something Else?

Have an idea that you'd like to propose on how we can work together or looking to connect with me regarding an inquiry not listed here? 


I'd love to hear from you. 


BIO #1

Dr. Crystal Jones is the experiential embodiment of intentional presence, disruption and clarity. With over fifteen years of experience as a consultant, practitioner, teacher, and student, her thought leadership has been felt across the globe. Practiced, certified and licensed in numerous modalities, she has a knack for nurturing brave atmospheres for folks, particularly Black + queer folks, to reclaim safety as they heal through the power of embodied liberation and imagination. 

BIO #2

Dr. Crystal Jones is a thought leader in spiritual and physiological healing and a multi-faceted healing facilitator and consultant who practices the art of holding space and guiding others through the sacred process of healing. From music tours to stages such as SXSW and Essence Fest and collegiate classrooms in between, she uses 15+ years of experience professionally to cultivate brave experiences of healing through the many different modalities that she is certified and licensed in.

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