Dr. Crystal Jones is an intense disruption to stagnancy. Her calm demeanor is anchored in her trust of Divine Order.

About Crystal

After her 15th year of professional practice and leadership in healthcare, Dr. Crystal Jones became the shift that she wanted to see. She desired to see black queer folx centered in their own wellbeing, so she created a practice that did just that. She noticed that many of the people that crossed her path were “worldy successful” black, queer, femme identified folx that were tired of a system that didn’t feel reciprocal in nature. At the same time, she noticed that the activation points were often the narrative of brokenness and the fear of safety at a core level. During sessions, she would ask what wanted to emerge and would often get the list of things that were “wrong”. Many of the people that crossed her path had a core desired to be believed, seen, felt  and heard.

As a dynamic anchor and sound therapist, she decided to create a practice that was based in RADICAL vulnerability, revealing and allowing. She is certified and practiced in sound therapy, reiki, energy medicine, yoga and birth and death doula work and sees those languages of healing as tools that evoke awareness - rather than services to be offered.


Through her practice Dr. Jones creates brave space for people to advocate for themselves, especially those who’ve had their voices shut down. Her mission is to disrupt this narrative of brokenness that lends to scarcity mindset, fear of safety, and the addiction of needing to get better. Her core purpose is to witness the True nature of every being that crosses her path - Wholeness, Perfection and Completion.

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The experiences cultivated by Dr. Jones aren’t based in religious or spiritual dogma, they are spiritually led. She witnesses people where they are on their journey and explores ways to flow and expand.

In December of 2018, she retired her private practice of chiropractic as she focused on cultivating brave space for the wild one within to be expressed. Dr. Crystal Jones believed the seed planted in this incarnation needed more trust and less outsourcing.

I lead conversations that build awareness

I do this by way of platform conversations, panels, workshops, guest lectures, continuing education and spiritual direction.


How can I be a witness?