After fifteen years of professional leadership in healthcare, wellness, and religion, Dr. Crystal Jones decided to be the change that she desired to see in healthcare, religion, and wellness.

About Crystal

As a spiritual director and sound therapist, she redirected the focus of her practice of chiropractic, reiki, energy medicine, yoga and birth and death doula work towards cultivating experiential learning with individuals and companies that have interest in shifting the spaces that were initially created to “heal broken people” into spaces that evoke conscious conversations, advocacy and boundaries that do not subscribe to the idea that people need to be “fix”. 


Dr. Jones teaches people how to advocate for themselves, especially those who’ve had their voices shut down. Her mission as a spiritual director is to disrupt this narrative of brokenness that currently serves as the foundation for healthcare, wellness, and religion while recognizing the truth of lived experiences. Her core purpose is to communicate the one Truth - we are Whole, Perfect and Complete.

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The experiences cultivated by Dr. Jones aren’t based in religious or spiritual dogma, they are spiritually led. She witnesses people where they are on their journey and explores ways to flow and expand.

Dr. Jones also founded and serves as the lead facilitator of In., a community that cultivates brave space, teaches practitioners and offers experiences that shift consciousness without dogma attached.


In. is a community that honors and acknowledges, through curiosity, all paths.

I lead conversations that build awareness

I do this by way of platform conversations, panels, workshops, guest lectures, continuing education and spiritual direction.


How can I be a witness?