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She resists titles. She expands beyond her previously embraced beliefs. Dr. Crystal Jones shows up as the embodiment of Spirit and asks, gently, that more of us do the same. Honoring each of our truths as much as her own, she guides us in conscious communication about our challenges and journey on this earthly plane. Comfortable barefoot and breathing deeply, Crystal has served our team as our Spiritual Director for almost a year now. Supporting us on our BGIO Breathe Easy Team Retreat, she held space for our team of phenomenal, spiritually-rooted women to release, be vulnerable, and stand tall in our intentions. To be whole, a topic Crystal encourages for us all. Amidst a world of transitions, Crystal currently finds herself expanding rapidly into her next chapter. Learn about the limiting beliefs she has recently shed, where the divine feminine expresses herself within her life, and how you can connect more spiritually with everyone you meet starting now.

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