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welcome to the
rhythm of presence.

Hi, I am Dr. Crystal Jones

Known for intentional ability to command presence in any experience that I am called into, I am a multimodal atmosphere curator that has supported the transformation of thousands that have crossed my path. I am a dedicated student of Harmony and passionate practitioner of body wisdom.

Founder and visionary of eleven forty twoand Two Inches Beyond Black, personal spiritual advisor for some of the world's most intentional leaders, noted speaker, celebrated mentor, sound and breath alchemist, and guest professor at various institutions, I employ my genius to create atmospheres that embody the essence of sustainable shift and body wisdom while communicating with the wisdom of the grandmothers.

There are many titles, yet the consistent truth is that my commitment to creating home in the now is a disruptive invitation to Harmony that anchors the depth of presence through experiences across the globe with those that are ready to BE their assignment.


I  thank you.

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READ THOROUGHLY: You can easily find someone to talk at an audience. You hire me to listen intentionally and cultivate a LIVE experience that invites people feel deeply, engage curiosity and shift according to their own invitation. I enjoy being hired for fireside chats, engaging conversations that invite folks into the depth of presence, and breath + sound experiences to engage your community/company and your audiences.


I have a unique ability to create experiences that ground presence as the big idea of the activation is engaged.

What I do NOT find joy in: offering quick tips/tricks, experiences that lack the engagement component 

Some of my favorite engagements have been with The Village Market ATL, OMNoire, 21 Ninety, Google, Essence, and Facebook.


eleven forty two

eleven forty two is the practice of being here. This practice invites us to take a seat as we liberate the body and invite the imagination of the mind. I enjoy being with individuals that are ready to engage in the powerful practice of release, pause, and rebirth. One to one practice with me creates a private and consistent practice around being with what seeks to be known through each moment (one to one practice is only available to those that have been in the group practice 6+ months, you can join here).

Note: I am NOT a therapist (nor do I desire to be). As well, in this work, I function as a spiritual medium in assignment with those who called this experience in. As a mentor, I do not function as a coach. 


I am always excited to join in conversation about the nervous system, liberation, imagination and the intricacies of collective healing. Some of my most notable interview experiences have been with Black Girl In OM, Therapy for Black Girls, and Shaping the Shift podcasts, Forbes and Essence Magazine.


If you haven’t already, take a listen/read. I look forward to hearing more about why you think that I am a great fit for your podcast and how this can be a mutually beneficial experience



READ THOROUGHLY: I enjoy partnering with organizations that are committed to the sustainable well being of their audience. Being an active leader in the strategy and implementation of programming that intentionally meets the well being needs of those that are served in a sustainable way brings me great joy. 

As a partner, you must trust that I know how to engage with my audience. 

What I do NOT find joy in: producing general content/quick tips & tricks, experiences that lack LIVE engagement.

Consulting + Teaching

I enjoy nourishing that which is ready for growth. From community platform learning to medical schools, I believe in and practice liberatory and imaginative learning. As a consultant, I deeply enjoy grounding and nourishing rooted intentions into fruitful and dynamic experiences for communities. As an imaginative and liberatory facilitator (or teacher as called in the academy), I am delighted to nourish participants' geniuses.

Some of my favorite topics are nervous system function and integration, body wisdom, mindfulness, sound and breathwork alchemy. I am most often engaged by medical schools, coaches and therapists for my work with client relationship and practice building. 

Some of my favorite experiences have been with Emory University, University of Education - Ghana, Black Freedom Collective, and DePaul University

How can I be a witness?


Check out podcasts and articles I've had

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