I anchor the depth of presence

through sound as the pathway to silence


What if there was no place better to be. What if there was no way better to be? What if there was only the wild one within to be unleashed?


Here, we dive into the depth of presence

For it is within the presence of silence that we

cultivate the inspired action for transformation.

Rest, sacred rest, is our holy ground.

One thing is for certain, you will always find your way.

You’ve achieved everything there is to achieve. 

You mastered the art of survival.

You’ve even thrived within the art of survival.

You’ve created a persona that has it all together.

The feeling of being stagnant is suffocating.

Here is where we drop all the way in. 


What’s here, now and available in this moment?

What desires to be seen and heard through me?

What is mine to do?

You are here to be heard.


You are here to be seen.


You are here to be felt.



Crystal Jones is a quiet POWERHOUSE!  

The depth and breadth of her impact on the human spirit reverberates from one being into our community.  Her demeanor allows you to feel safe and drop your guard so her words can penetrate lovingly into your soul.  The shift happens without you even knowing except that you wake up one day and are present enough to notice that you changed for the better."


Danielle Hall

Hey! I'm  Crystal

I am and I serve as a dynamic anchor into the depth of presence as a sound therapist. I am committed to being with people who desire to sit with and allow that which desires to emerge from within - even when it feels like the valley of shadow of death.

I believe in the truth of lived experiences with a special emphasis on the way black queer folx move through this world. I believe we are all incarnated as Whole, Perfect, and Complete beings. I believe that conscious expressions of anger, fear, joy, sex/creativity, and sadness are sacred gateways. I hold death as a sacred transition that we experience each moment.   

I practice radical vulnerability, revealing and allowing as my spirituality.





Ways To Work With Me


Conferences + Workshops


Simply put, my genius is anchoring spaces into the power of presence and allow the space for sustainable shift to emerge.  Invocation, vocal toning, anchoring, breath work meditations, sound healing immersions and fireside chats are just a few of my offerings in this space. Together, we set the intention for the gathering. 


Presence Coaching

Let's sit in the depth of presence together and acknowledge what's here and available. What is there to accept, allow, and appreciate before we invite the shift? This session is dynamic in nature and adapts to the request of each moment. We notice the areas of resistance and begin to understand what desires to be fully expressed. We invite any tools that support the practice of radical vulnerability, allowing and presence.  



Quick Chat

How can I support you? Let's connect to see what shows up. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have as we create the space for you to be seen, heard and felt in the present moment. You've been divinely guided to this place at this particular moment and I am excited to connect with you and cultivate a relationship that honors that. 


Sound Therapy Session

This session offers the collaborative space for your voice to move freely through you followed by the invitation to shift from a place of dynamic power. This immersion through vocal toning meditation, instruments, breath work and anchoring offers you space to allow your voice to relax, release, and offer integration to your nervous system. Deep rest follows and then a debrief as we offer the invitation to shift.. Will you allow yourself to be seen, heard and held? 



Companies, Conferences + Seminars I've Worked With

Conferences + Conventions


Essence Fest



Dirty South Yoga Fest

Mindful Mornings

The LumiSummit

The Artful Convention

Sunday School - Modern Mystic

Well Space ATL

The Fit Atlanta Festival

Curly Curvy Conscious

The Curly Counselor Brunch

Pretty Girls Sweat Fest

BLK Oasis Tour

Sweat With Your Sole Conference

More Conferences + Conventions


World Congress of Chiropractic Students

University of Education - Ghana

Delta Sigma Chi Homecoming

Hike to Heal

International Women’s Day

Sisters of Yoga

The Art of Human Connection

You Need Tribe

Creator’s Therapy

Hillsong United Tour

Outcry Tour

Anomaly Tour

2015 Bahamas World Track Meet






The National Urban League



Black Girl In OM

Vertical Activewear


The Village Market



Blossom TV

Pretty Girls Sweat

Black Girls Run

The Outdoor Journal Tour

The Modern Apothecary


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I anchor the depth of presence

I do this by way of sound therapy, meditation, vocal toning.

 I do this as my way of being.


How can I be a witness?