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Dr. Crystal has this ability to help me see my challenges in a new way. In a way that is most supportive to the desires of my heart.She knows how to make sure I always feel supported and always feels heard. I am so grateful for my time with her because she really cares. 

Diamonde Williamson

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Whether a high-powered professional, a mother, a student, or all of the above…. if you’re a woman, you’re expected to do a lot. Women spend their days putting out fires, handling to-do lists, wiping little noses, meeting deadlines, and putting other people and tasks before themselves. They like rising to the challenge of getting stuff done. That is, until their energy runs out and they realize they don’t have any left over for themselves. And slowly, after months or years of wrangling that epic to-do list: they’re drained mentally and emotionally. That’s where Dr. Crystal Jones steps in. We continue to work with her because she helps our Sweat Sisterhood take a magical moment to invest in self-care.


Aeshia Devore Branch

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When thinking of Dr. Crystal, the quote "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" comes to mind. While Crystal will not heal you or fix you, her guidance will enable you to heal yourself. There isn't a day that goes by that I am not replaying Dr. Crystal's words in my head and remembering the power that she reminded me that I possess. She has an uncanny ability to facilitate spaces of peace, safety, tranquility, and transformation. 


Maura Chanz

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Something about her spirit makes your own spirit want to release, let go and heal. That is what i love most about our sessions. There is always some form of release whether it is tears, sighs, or laughter. To me, Crystal is more than a healer. There isn't even a word in the English language that I can use to describe her. It's almost as if she is a mirror in which you take a deep look at your own self to introspect; to see your own truths. 


J. Chavae

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She saw inside of me, to a place I would have never went, which forced me to confront fears I've had for years. Crystal has the ability to peel away the layers that are holding us back from living to our fullest potential. After seeing her, I confidently taught one of my best yoga classes to date.  She is a walking ball of love and positive energy and I cannot wait to see her again! 


S. Marie

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Crystal Jones is a quiet POWERHOUSE! The reverberates from one being into our community.  Her demeanor allows you to feel safe and drop your guard so her words can penetrate lovingly into your soul.  The shift happens without you even knowing except that you wake up one day and are present enough to notice that you changed for the better.

Danielle Hall

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Dr. Crystal Jones is one who is in direct alignment. Coupling her extensive knowledge of the human body with her intuitive knowledge of divine law, Dr. Jones exudes a brilliant healing light in her presence alone.


Maestro Riko

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