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Being a Healer and Finding True Wholeness

Reblogged from Black Girl In Om, this podcast episode features Dr. Crystal Jones and Tie Johnson of Hippie Heathen.

In this episode we discussed:


-Valuable things to consider when discerning whether the call to be a healer is for you

-Two questions you should consider asking those that you work with in a relationship of healing

-The importance of shadow work, or exploring your darkness, which is just as valuable as your light

-How everyone, including family, can’t always be on the same journey as you: and that’s ok

-How preserving your happiness is overrated; embracing the challenges lead to growth

-What joy TRULY is; what wholeness feels and looks like

-What yoga looks like as holistic practice on and off the mat

-How entrepreneurs within wellness can, and should, re-committ to their practices again and again

-How choices are powerful, choices give you freedomMisconceptions around what your highest self means.

-Dr. Crystal Jones’ thoughts on what your final transition means

-The most valuable thing that you think black women can do for themselves on their wellness journeys

Listen Here:

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